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Introduction to Networking Infrastructure (English)

Course Overview

The course encompasses Wi-Fi system installation and maintenance essentials. It covers work-orders and job sheets, detailing tasks and responsibilities. Organizational policies, including standards, values, and processes, are emphasized. Various cables, connectors, tools, and equipment needed for installations are discussed, alongside distinctions in cable laying methods. Safety protocols and electrical principles ensure system integrity and user well-being. Importance is placed on delivering satisfactory customer service, gathering feedback, and managing documentation. Safety norms, emergency contacts, and an escalation matrix for incident reporting are highlighted for readiness in system failures, fires, and power outages.

Course Objective

• Define work-orders and job sheets, their significance and parameters.
• Discuss overall organisational policies, standards, values and processes.
• List the different types of cables, connectors, tools and equipment required for installation.
• Distinguish between different processes for cable laying and feeder cable laying.
• Explain different electrical principles, safety measures to be considered while turning on the Wi-Fi system.
• Explain the importance of providing satisfactory customer service and taking customer feedback.
• Explain escalation matrix for reporting identified incidents, trouble sand/emergencies, e.g., system failures, fire and power failures.

Duration : 1 hrs


Course Fee: 99 INR

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Course Content

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