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Tower Technician

Course Overview

The objective of this course is to attain an overview of telecom towers. In addition, this course helps in understanding cable wiring and equipment for towers. Finally, this course gives an insight into troubleshooting tower sites and perform basic fixes.

Course Objective

  • Understand site hygiene
  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance of towers
  • Manage tower sites
  • Carry out tower task reporting

Duration : 3 hrs


Course Fee: 199 999 INR

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Course Content

  • Identify the components at a cellular tower site.
  • Know about the Equipment to be maintained at a cellular site.
  • Maintain site hygiene of AC, DG, PIU, SMPS and battery bank, as per organization's norms.
  • Understand other important components at site like Earthing, Lightening Arrester etc.
  • Check if installation of fire safety instruments is in place.
  • Control fire accident incidents.
  • Check the site as per electrical safety norms.
  • Understand Do's and Don'ts at a tower site
  • Adhere to PM (preventive maintenance) plan
  • Comply with Beat plan execution, for self.
  • Conduct site PM (preventive maintenance)
  • Keep a check on site up-time
  • Perform unique site down PM (preventive maintenance)
  • Perform health check on site like checking engine oil, voltage etc.
  • Check premature ageing of Battery Bank, Diesel Generator, Air Conditioner, PIU and SMPS.
  • Monitor outages due to Diesel Generator
  • Close maximum number of complaints registered by doing corrective Maintenance
  • Provide timely resolutions to trouble tickets raised
  • Monitor reading as per EB (electricity bill) against reading on PIU (power interface unit)
  • Timely collect and submit the EB (electricity bill) at the office.
  • Operate key equipment at site.
  • Check number of alarms active at the site.
  • Check site for faulty alarms
  • Attend alarms within the defined SLA
  • Identify the reasons for site lock
  • Co-ordinate with service providers for quality fuel to be filled
  • Interact with site owners w.r.t. rent, access issues etc

Industry Job roles

  • Tower Technician
  • OFT Technician