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AWS IoT Certification Course online

Course Overview

Ready to take your AWS-IoT solutions to the next level? Join our AWS-IoT Training course and learn how to connect your devices to the AWS cloud. Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from IoT device management to predictive maintenance. Get hands-on experience with Raspberry Pi, ESP32, and Amazon FreeRTOS. Register now and become an expert in AWS IoT!

Course Objective

By enrolling in our AWS-IoT core certificate course, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to become an expert in building and managing IoT solutions on AWS. You'll learn how to connect IoT devices to the cloud, perform IoT device management, and use advanced analytics to extract insights from your IoT data. With hands-on experience using Raspberry Pi, ESP32, and Amazon FreeRTOS, you'll be able to design, deploy, and manage IoT solutions that drive business value. Additionally, you'll learn about IoT edge computing and predictive maintenance, enabling you to create more efficient and reliable IoT solutions. Don't miss this opportunity to advance your IoT career – sign up now!

Duration : 7 hrs


Course Fee: 1517 INR

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Course Content

AWS IoT: Visual Walkthrough 

Introduction to AWS IoT Analytics 

Introduction to IoT Device Defender 

IoT Microcontrollers: Onboarding a Raspberry Pi using Raspbian 

Introduction to AWS IoTIntroduction to AWS IoT Device Management 

IoT Edge Computing: Introduction to Amazon FreeRTOS 

IoT Microcontrollers: Onboarding an ESP32 with Amazon FreeRTOS 

IoT Foundation: Telemetry 

IoT Microcontrollers: Onboarding a Raspberry Pi using AWS Greengrass 

IoT Edge Computing: Amazon FreeRTOS Primer 

Managing AWS IoT Devices: Fleet Indexing 

AWS IoT Foundation: Predictive Maintenance 

IoT Microcontrollers: Onboarding the Amazon FreeRTOS Simulator for Windows 

Getting Started with AWS IoT 

Getting Started with AWS IoT Greengrass

Industry Job roles

  1. IoT Solutions Architect: Designing and architecting end-to-end IoT solutions using AWS IoT services. This involves understanding business requirements, selecting appropriate IoT devices and sensors, designing data ingestion and storage mechanisms, and implementing secure and scalable IoT architectures. IoT Developer: Developing and deploying IoT applications and services on the AWS IoT platform. This includes working with IoT protocols, integrating IoT devices and sensors with AWS IoT services, developing IoT APIs, and implementing IoT analytics and visualization.