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In-Store Promoter

Course Overview

An in store promoter is a person who demonstrates the products to the walk-in customers and tells them about the features of the product in detail, with an intention to persuade the customer to buy that product.

Course Objective

  • Introduction to Telecom Industry
  • Roles and responsibilities of an In-Store Promoter
  • Store counter activities
  • Effective promotional and selling techniques
  • Dealing with the customer
  • Closing sales
  • Report and records maintenance
  • Basic computer skills

Duration : 2 hrs


Course Fee: 199 999 INR

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Course Content

  • Introduction to In-Store Promotor
  • Job Opportunities and career progression for In-Store Promoter
  • Mobile Industry and its Products and Trends
  • IoT Devices and its applications
  • Visual Merchandising and Selling Techniques
  • Recording Stock Requirement and Reports on Daily Target
  • Basics of Computers and some important software and tools

Industry Job roles

  • In-Store Promoter
  • Sales Person
  • CRM, Report and Record Maintainer