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Power BI Certification Course | Power BI Online Course

Course Overview

Learn PowerBI with GUVI. Join over 3.2 lakh programmers in learning techinal course online.Trusted by 200+ top companies and 100+ colleges. Enroll Today.

Course Objective

Master the art of data gathering, sorting, exploring, analyzing, and visualization with guidance from top industry experts in this power bi course from GUVI. Throughout the course, you will learn important concepts such as Learning Power BI step-by-step, Connecting the SQL Server with Power BI, Line, Area, Stacked, Gauge, KPI, and Funnel Graph in Power BI, Star Schema as well as the Snowflake design, along with much more as we go through the course. You will also be building a real-world Data Visualization project using Power BI which will help you gain hands-on experience implementing all the concepts and showcase them as part of your portfolio to impress future employers.

Duration : 3 hrs


Course Fee: 1499 INR

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Course Content

Lab 1 - Learn Power BI step by step(for beginners). 

Lab 2: - Connecting SQL Server with Power BI. 

Lab 3: - Line, Area, Stacked, Gauge, KPI and Funnel Graph in Power BI. 

Lab 4: - Star Schema & Snow Flake design in Power BI project. 

Lab 5: - DAX - Data Analysis Expression - Part 1

Industry Job roles

  1. Business Intelligence Analyst: Using Power BI to analyze and visualize data, create interactive dashboards, and generate reports to provide insights for decision-making. This includes connecting to various data sources, transforming and modeling data, and creating visually appealing and interactive data visualizations. Data Analyst: Utilizing Power BI to analyze and interpret data, uncover trends, and identify patterns. This involves importing and transforming data, creating calculated columns and measures, performing data cleansing and quality checks, and presenting findings through visualizations.