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Handheld Devices ( Handset and Tablet ) Technician

Course Overview

The objective of this course is to provide knowledge to analyse the handset & tablet market and enable learners to identify tools & equipment to be used for repair. The course would provide skills and knowledge for individuals to be able to perform hardware and software repairs and give detailed accounts on required soft skills for the job role.

Course Objective

  • Job opportunities along with entrepreneurship segment
  • Types, function, and features of handset & tablets
  • How to repair hardware
  • How to fix handsets
  • Methods of repairing software

Duration : 4 hrs


Course Fee: 199 999 INR

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Course Content

  • Introduction to Handset & Tablet Market
  • Perform Handset Repair (Hardware)
  • Hardware Repair Related
  • Software Repair Related

Industry Job roles

  • Handheld Devices ( Handset & Tablet ) Technician with experience in the field