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Learn HTML and CSS Online course | HTML Certification Online

Course Overview

HTML & CSS developer is one of the top most in demand job and fast-growing career paths.

Course Objective

In this beginner-friendly html and css course you will learn to implement all of the core concepts of both these technologies with guidance from industry experts. Throughout this course, you will be learning concepts such as the Application Development Life Cycle, Front-End Dev vs Back-End Dev, Formatting Tags, HTML Table, Web Fonts, Images and Forms in HTML, CSS Selectors, Formatting Styles, CSS Backgrounds, Box Model, Flexbox and much more with a practical industry-based outlook. You will also be building a real-world project to showcase as part of your portfolio and impress future employers. The course is completely self-paced and you will be awarded a globally-recognized certificate upon completion.

Duration : 7 hrs


Course Fee: 1499 INR

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Course Content

HTML Formatting 

HTML Quotations 

HTML Links 

HTML Images 

HTML File Paths 

HTML Tables 

HTML Lists 

HTML Block & Inline 

HTML Classes 


HTML Iframes 

HTML Layout 

HTML Responsive 

Infinite vs Block element 

div vs section vs article 

HTML forms & Form input element with its attributes 

HTML form submit 

DOM and how it is related to HTML 

HTML Semantics 

Intro to HTML5 and its new features 

Best practices for creating responsive pages 


CSS Introduction 

CSS Syntax 

CSS Selectors - tag vs class vs id 

CSS Comments 

CSS Colors 

CSS Backgrounds 

CSS Borders 

CSS Margins 

CSS Padding 

CSS Box Model(margin,padding,border) 

CSS Height/Width 

CSS Opacity 

CSS Outline 

CSS Text 

CSS Fonts 

CSS Align 

CSS Icons 

CSS Links 

CSS Pseudo-class(link,visited,hover,active) 

CSS Lists 

CSS Tables 

CSS Display 

CSS Max-width 

CSS Inline-block 

CSS Z-index 

CSS Overflow (hidden, visible, scroll, auto) 

CSS Float 

CSS Position (static, relative, absolute, fixed, sticky) 

CSS Pseudo-element 

Property Vs Value 

CSS Navigation Bar 

CSS Dropdowns 

CSS Image Gallery 

CSS Image Sprites 

CSS Attr Selectors 

CSS Counters 

CSS Forms 

CSS Units 

CSS Specificity 

CSS Flexbox and Grids 

CSS Website Layout 

CSS Animations and transitions 

CSS Preprocessors 


Bootstrap Documentation 

parent inherit 

box-shadow property 

Linear gradient 

Clip property 

CSS Cascading 

Media query 


Industry Job roles

  1. Front-End Developer: Developing and implementing user interfaces for websites and web applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This includes translating design mock-ups into functional web pages, ensuring cross-browser compatibility, and optimizing websites for performance. Web Designer: Creating visually appealing and user-friendly web designs using HTML and CSS. This involves designing layout structures, selecting appropriate colors and fonts, and ensuring responsive design for different screen sizes and devices.