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Optical Fiber - Splicing & Installation (Hindi)

Course Overview

This course covers the characteristics of optical fiber, including refraction, polarization, attenuation, and dispersion. It explains the uses of optical equipment such as spools, joint closures, connectors, splicers, and cleavers, as well as optical test equipment like OTDRs and power meters. Safety measures and fault analysis procedures are discussed, emphasizing the importance of calibrating test equipment.

Course Objective

This course aims to equip participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in optical fiber technology. Participants will understand the characteristics of optical fiber, utilize various optical equipment and test instruments effectively, analyze faults and implement safety measures, appreciate the importance of equipment calibration, interpret optical fiber cable color coding, and master cable preparation and splicing procedures for new installations. Through hands-on demonstrations and inspections, participants will learn to identify, troubleshoot, and maintain optical infrastructure efficiently.

Duration : 1 hrs


Course Fee: 99 INR

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Course Content

The course covers Optical Fiber characteristics, equipment uses (splicer, OTDR), fault analysis, safety, calibration importance, cable color coding, preparation for splicing, tools identification, inspection, sheath damage prevention, and splicing procedures for new installations.

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